I’m from abroad?

-local accomadation (link)

-what’s provided

-must be in Ireland for the practical test

I got below 50 in the test but I’m experienced?

-theory must have been weak

-there’s a lot of info that is updated regularly (link)

-practical could be weak

I want to go straight for Fgas without the test?

-the test is the only way to access our courses (link)

What does the Fgas Test entail?

-Practical and Theory test

Do i need the Fgas Online Prep?

-We strongly recommend  everyone attending the Fgas Handling test completes the online material. The test is for advanced personel and even completeing the online material will not be enough for most students.

What is Refrigeration Principles Day about?

-basic practical refrigeration skills and practical fgas preparation

Do I need the Refrigeration Principles Online Course?

– The basics covered on the refrigeration principles course are assumed on the Fgas Course and will not be covered

I’ll only be working on heatpumps, why do I need refrigeration basics?

-the same principles apply to all vapour compression systems